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PV Operation and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of PV stations is a basic and necessary prerequisite to ensure the uninterrupted and smooth operation of the facilities, as well as to avoid possible loss of production and revenue for the customer.

ENERGY HORIZONS LTD can respond immediately and efficiently to the maintenance needs of its customers’ PV stations.


Semi-annual maintenance

The preventive semi-annual maintenance of the PV stations includes visual and quality control, measurements of electrical quantities, controls with thermal camera, cleaning of filters and lubrication of moving parts, small-scale interventions, in all the equipment included in a PV installation such as panels, inverters, mounting bases, wiring, grounding, housings, AC/DC panels, alarm system, CCTV and telemetry.


Annual maintenance

In PV installations connected to the Medium Voltage network, preventive annual maintenance is provided which includes visual inspection, size measurements, thermal camera controls, metal parts lubrication and cleaning of the medium voltage cell, the transformer and the self-consumption panels.


Maintenance contract

The existence of a maintenance contract is a necessary condition for claiming compensation from insurance companies in case of possible damage. PV stations are investments with a lifespan of at least 20 years. Their facilities are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions and natural phenomena, resulting in long-term stress on electromechanical and other equipment.

Why Maintain?