About Energy Horizons LTD



ENERGY HORIZONS LTD was founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Sofia and warehouses in Petrich, Bulgaria.

The company is active in Renewable Energy Sources and has already sold photovoltaic equipment (PV panels, power inverters and medium voltage substations) for power projects of a total capacity of 3MW.

ENERGY HORIZONS LTD provides additional consulting services in its field of specialization, helping organizations and technical companies to manage the challenges and complexities of a rapidly growing market.

ENERGY HORIZONS LTD is the official distributor of Krannich Solar for Bulgaria, one of the largest and most established companies for the supply of photovoltaic equipment in the world. With this cooperation ENERGY HORIZONS LTD is in a position to guarantee incompatible quality and optimal performance at reasonable prices.

The turnover of the company amounted to 1 million euros for 2019 in the Greek and Bulgarian market, while it doubled in 2020.

Our Values

Consistency & Responsibility
Our network can fully support the technical needs of RES projects of its customers

Support & Consulting
Our specialized and experienced executives guide, suggest and advise our clients to optimize the benefits of their investment

Creativity & Dynamism
Offering innovative solutions on a variety of technical fields, construction and maintenance, building and RES facilities

Environmental sensitivity
Promotion and application of techniques and methods aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint

Respect for the needs of our customers, our partners, our employees